SOS Workbook

— 2013 / Trace

SOS Sportswear was recently acquired by long time Danish distributor Ole Damm. A new owner also means a new direction for the company that has produced skiwear for more than 25 years. Having a deep passion for skiing it has been exciting to collaborate with SOS on various projects.

For their AW13 distributors meeting we created a digital workbook that was pushed to the distributors iPads around the world prior to the event. Besides from showcasing the AW13 collection we implemented a rating feature so everyone could give his or her initial thoughts on each style. After the meeting all the collected data was analyzed and played a major role in deciding what styles would make the cut to the final production.

After the event the workbook is used on the road by the sales reps instead of the more traditional printed variants. Besides costs one of the major advantages of the digital workbook is making sure the information in the workbook is always up to date.