— 2009 / CIID

TimeFrame is an interactive piece that captures all its visitors and exhibits them in a time-related composition. It captures a small sequence of photos of each visitor so each portrait contains some kind of movement. All the visitors can browse through the last 100 portraits and will therefore mainly be presented of portraits of other visitors.

TimeFrame is built with Open Frameworks, OpenCV, scrap materials and a PS3 Eye camera.

When you stand in front of timeFrame it tracks your face and captures 4-5 photos of you. A small white ‘+’ is shown when your face is detected. The ‘+’ turns red and disappears when your portrait is captured. All the photos are now a part of a timeline in which you can navigate by moving back and forth in front of the timeFrame. It can detect multiple faces at once and by memorising recent face positions it ensures that your portrait is only captured once per visit.

If timeFrame cannot see any faces it loops through the latest 100 photos to catch some attention from people nearby.